Children’s Fun Group

This program was developed to assist young children ages 5-12 to be able to understand their emotions and provide methods to manage them. The children’s workshops are focussed on understanding and accepting that emotions and feelings are OK. It teaches children how to find ways to calm themselves and not overreact.

Core Philosophy

The core philosophy of this program was inspired by the books and workshops of Louise Hay and Hay House Publishing. The Heal Your Life workshops are all geared towards teaching adults to love themselves, to believe in themselves, and that they deserve good. It teaches them to forgive themselves and to accept who they are. In most situations, they learn how a lot of these beliefs have been created in childhood.

Inspired by my grandchildren aged 4-9, I chose to create this program and I have tested it by working through it in zoom sessions during COVID-19. The vision is that if we can stop the childhood beliefs from embedding within the child and thus not controlling the child then we can help them avoid the pains of adult healing. A child with a healthy self-esteem can then influence those around them to heal as well.

As a licensed Heal Your Life® teacher and coach, I will introduce philosophies which include:

· loving themselves

· accepting themselves without criticism

· mindfulness

· sharing stories of themself

Your child will be introduced to the ‘Fun Shop’ which includes:

· skills to calm themselves which includes breathing techniques

· crafts to encourage calming

· learning to journal

· learning through stories, and interactive action songs

All of these processes will assist the child in understanding their feelings and emotions. It will also assist them in learning how to manage those large emotions when they come up and how to calm them and move past them.

If a child learns at a young age to have a better understanding of how they feel, the ability to express those feelings, and life coping skills then they can grow into self assured teenagers, adults and parents. The greater the understanding the child can get about why and how they are triggered will assist them in relieving stress and anxiety as they get older.

I will also work one to one with children @ $35./hr.