Heal Your Life Workshops



Thursday March 7th & 14th 2024
At – The Riverlodge Recreation Centre

$44/2 sessions








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07 & 14


Heal Your Life Workshops

6:00pm – 8:00pm
At – The Riverlodge Recreation Centre
$44 / 2 Sessions

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The Magic of Believing in Yourself



12:30pm – 3:30pm



Prosperity – Money and Consciousness



9:30am - 12:30pm



Stress Management

We will talk about what stress really is, what events you find stressful. Using relaxation techniques. We will work with strategies for mind, body, spirit, and behavior for reducing stress. You’ll learn techniques for using your mind effectively to reduce stress, time management techniques, communication skills, and finding your purpose in life.

Available as a full day or half day workshops or a six-week workshop.

Children’s Fun Group

Children’s emotions fun group – is a program I have developed on the philosophies of Louise Hay in an effort to assist young children ages 5-12 to be able to understand their emotions and provide methods to manage them.

This was a project that was inspired by my grandchildren, and we worked on it through a zoom session. They are aged 4-9.      

Loving Your Body

Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do to create the life you want! And loving yourself includes your body, regardless of your size and shape, your looks, and physical ailments. If you are critical of your body, you are damping down the beauty and brilliance that is uniquely yours!

Help improve your self image, accept yourself as you are.

The Magic of Believing in Yourself

Believe in yourself- so easy to say, not so easy to do! This program will show you how to achieve a new level of self-confidence and self-esteem. Learn how to “weed out” the beliefs of not being talented enough, smart enough, or good enough, to achieve what you want in life. There is within you untapped potential, just waiting to be called out!

Your Mind is Amazing

Attend this workshop and learn more about your own body-mind connection.  Whether you are perfectly healthy, or dealing with minor or major health concerns, NOW is the time to learn techniques to restore your body to health or stay healthy.

The Totality of Possibilities

You will learn how our thoughts create our reality, and how to be aware of your thoughts. Learn the 5 keys for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Prosperity – Money and Consciousness

This course is designed to create a new level of prosperity in your life, and to understand the role of your subconscious mind in your relationship with money.

Forgiveness: The Key to Freedom

This workshop will guide you through powerful processes to release and forgive past experiences that prevent you from creating the wonderful life you deserve.

Find out why and how to forgive and how it frees you

Experience Your Good Now!

Are you ready to experience a greater amount of good in your life? This course will teach how to achieve better health, greater prosperity, more loving relationships, a career you love and to feel good about yourself.

The Journey to Self-Love

In this workshop you will get help to change critical self talk overcome this way of thinking about you.

When you really love and accept yourself, your life can blossom.

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

Learn to receive what you really, really really want. How to place your order in the Cosmic Kitchen

You’ll learn how to effectively place YOUR orders with the Cosmic Kitchen and use the Law of Attraction to create what you want in your life

Teen Empowerment

Designed to help empower teens in loving themselves & finding happiness in their lives, despite current issues and challenges they may be experiencing.

I could feel that you were doing your teaching session whole heartedly.

Because all the words you said during the meditation talked with my soul and brought my inner child the joy as I forgave her after our discussion. Your are full of love and you project it.

What an incredible experience and an even more incredible huma. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Donna’s awesome workshop. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I recently attended a Heal Your Life® Workshop on forgiveness. Donna was amazing she really helped me dig deep through some layers and I was able to recognize areas of my life I needed to let go of. I feel so much Light, Lift and Shift Thank you Donna! June P.