2020 certainly challenged us in many ways, not only in our business but also personally. We were not able to travel freely or visit family at times during the year. Business expenses increased and how we did business changed dramatically. Our clients needed to adapt to new protocols alongside us.

With challenges comes the opportunity to expand our creativity and change from doing what we have always done and expecting each day to be similar to how it was before. Creative changes have boosted business for some, as everyone has adapted to the required changes. For some, the pandemic has allowed them to work from home or spend more time with their children, engaging in their schoolwork, crafts, and games.  Some people have learned a new skill or brushed up on technology.

With the increased time in our homes, we could see areas where we could change things back to what was ‘normal’ generations ago; baking, sewing, and creating household comforts.   It was likely similar to what our parents and grandparents did daily years ago.

Businesses based on these home improvements and activities thrived. For others, the retrofit of increased necessities such as sanitizers, masks, and plexiglass and the change of work protocols has been a trying aspect both logistically and financially.  We learned to value and show appreciation to the people behind the scenes that keep businesses, public places, and schools clean.

For myself, a home-based service business, COVID-19 presented the opportunity to revisit what I offer, obtain further training, and become certified as a Heal Your Life® teacher and coach. During these times of uncertainty, it is important to revisit what we do with ourselves and our business.  Being a trainer who empowers others through self-awareness and understanding, I am honored to teach others to transform or adapt to change.  I teach workshops and conduct one-on-one coaching and consulting. With the tool of ZOOM meetings, I can safely provide meetings and coaching, both locally and globally.