The concept of self care has always had me struggling with the word selfish.

I remember when I was growing up my parents would make comments of lazy people or extravagant women. They would say how irresponsible it was that they would leave the family and their chores to go shopping alone, or to the hairdresser for hours getting their hair dyed or done for church. Sometimes they’d even get a manicure when it wasn’t even a special occasion.

These memories make it difficult some days to realize that the beliefs of the generations past are not today’s beliefs, and they are not the ‘rules’ I am required to follow. Society has begun to understand the importance of taking time to do ‘something’ for yourself.

One of many obstacles to overcome as we do ‘something’ for ourselves is to ‘enjoy it’ ‘embrace it’ ‘be guiltfree’ work towards releasing the emotions that keep us from just doing what you want!
I’m sure your list of excuses as to why this is possible for others but not for you is racing through your head right now.

1. I work full time
2. I don’t have free time
3. I have small children
4. I have household things to get done
5. I have to get things ready for work
6. By the end of the day, I am exhausted

. . . and the list goes on and on . . .

Take a moment to think about the things you would like to do ‘if’ you had the time. (I used to call this my list of to do’s for the day I was bored).

Sometimes this list is a part of your chores or something you dream of when you give yourself the opportunity. It could be an activity with the children, that you don’t participate in now, because you’re too busy. Imagine sitting at the table together and painting or colouring, no rules just colouring. Playing a game, doing a puzzle. This might be the start of your easing into ‘self’ time.

Now look over the list you created earlier. Is there a day off or a time in your day that you could take 30 minutes to start one of your ‘if’ I had time items?

Let me ask you another question?

Rather than focussing on why not to pamper or care for yourself consider these benefits:

1. Self pampering relieves everyday stress
2. Improve your feelings of well-being
3. Looking after yourself spares you the feelings of resentment and unhappiness
4. Alone time gives you time to relax and allow problems to work themselves out
5. A special treatment of a massage or a warm bath can be very soothing
6. Time to yourself allows you the time to put your goals into perspective and in turn become more productive
7. Resting your mind and body recharges, rejuvenates, and boosts your immune system
8. Your physical strength is boosted inside and out, You feel better about yourself and are healthier.
9. Taking the time to care for you let’s your body know you love it and sends a positive message to your subconscious mind (self-esteem)
10. Taking the time to get you know yourself and your needs will provide growth and opportunities to you and your loved ones.

Now doesn’t that sound better than racing from one task to another, feeling uptight, irritable and frustrated with the ‘list of to do’s’

How can you begin caring for yourself? Not all self-care or self-pampering needs to be extravagant or take a great deal of time. Start small and once you get the hang of it, it will be as routine as caring for everyone else has become but with a far greater reward to you😊

1. Go for a Coffee
2. Go out for lunch with a friend
3. Take a bath
4. Go for a walk
5. Go for a drive
6. Read a book
7. Write in a journal
8. Watch a movie
9. Take a nap
10. Check out that list of things you wish you had time for and take the time.

Take time this week to practice self-care for 30 minutes each day and see if you notice a difference, in yourself and the people close to you.

Remember the definition of selfish is lacking consideration for others. This makes the excuse of not taking the time for yourself far more selfish than indulging in the selfless and considerate act of caring for you.

I am worthy and deserve 30 minutes for myself each day to do something I enjoy.